Welcome to my world



Hello and welcome to my blog. Well, where do I start………

At the beginning I suppose. My name is Elisabeth and was born in 1976 at a young age, and grew up in Bury, and started playing the violin at the tender age of 4. I can also play the piano, which I started at the age of 6.


I have Grade 8 Distinction ABRSM with the violin.

I now run my own business teaching violin and piano to both adults and children, exams are possible, or just learn for fun.

I also go to care homes for the elderly, or for the physically and mentally disabled playing the violin,  and can sometime also be found busking in a high street near you.


I also have my own website, that can be found here

I will try to make regular posts to keep you all updated as to what I’m up to.

Thanks for reading x

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